Shoe Design Services

From a single shoe sketch to an entire footwear range designed, specified and sourced, we offer our clients a design consultancy service, focused on their specific, unique needs.
Reports, Research and Trade Fairs
We visit many of the major footwear and fashion trade shows - please see our shoe design blog and our shoedesigner Twitter feed for details - we can write reports for you on these shows and also provide market retail reports. We also assist our clients at shows by helping with buying selection, sample amendments and other resources advice. Click here to view portfolio examples of shoe design research.
  • We can work from your design brief, or help you to write the brief following an initial meeting or discussion.
  • We can offer you help with your range build – even write the design brief for you and design and build a footwear range from scratch.
  • We can review your previous seasons’ range helping you to develop 'move-on's and suggest recolours or new materials for your best selling styles.
  • We can also suggest solutions to other problems with your existing range, for instance, fitting or production issues and if we can’t help you, we probably know a footwear expert that can!
Shoe Design
What type of footwear do we design? The answer is most types! Although we now concentrate mostly on womens branded to luxury fashion footwear, we have proven commercial success in many other categories. Please click on a category below to see a portfolio example:

We can produce the shoe design in hand drawn format or CAD. We can refresh your existing range with new colours or materials and work with your existing kits to design new uppers.
As well as providing full tech packs for our own shoe designs, we can also offer a spec writing service - just send us the footwear designs and an example of an existing spec if you have one. We can do the rest, even liasing with your factory if needs be!
  • We have extensive experience in developing licensed footwear, working with style guides and supplied graphics, where necessary developing or adapting apparel prints and logos on footwear as needed.
Lasts,outsoles and heels development
  • We can develop any footwear construction, design outsoles, write specs for new lasts, heels and outsoles and work with the manufacturer to develop blueprints and prototypes.
  • We have experience of working with TR/TPR/Rubber/ Compression Moulded and sheet EVA, Pebax and polycarbonate, wood, cork, jute, etc.
  • We have worked with podiatrists, biomechanics labs and athletes to design sports-specific or orthopedic footwear.
  • We can work with your factory – either remotely by email and Skype or we can visit and work with the sample room in person.
  • We can put you in touch with/advise you on footwear experts such as
    pattern cutters, footwear technologists and testing facilities.
New footwear concepts
  • We have also developed footwear for new market sectors, if you want to develop a new type of footwear, please contact us for evaluation of your project. We have experience of working with academia as a consultant and designer, on research and innovation projects
Other Footwear Related Services
  • We are more than just a shoe design consultancy, we can give you advice on shoe careers, help train you or we can mentor you and give you advice regarding your business start–up.
Staff training and Careers advice
We now offer additional services, based on common requests. Perhaps you run a clothing company and you want to offer shoes, but you want to train your existing design team to work with footwear suppliers? Perhaps you are involved in careers advice and education? Perhaps you want to learn how to use Cad software to design shoes and prepare specs? Perhaps you need some coaching in footwear design? Or need some help learning to write techs?
  • We can work with your existing design team and teach them how to work with footwear suppliers and coach them on the preparation of footwear tech packs.
  • We can work with you to show you how to use Cad software to present your shoe designs.
  • We can help with careers advice and we can give talks and hold workshops in your school or college.
  • We can help you evaluate your footwear design portfolio and give you advice to improve it.
  • We also work with charities, offering mentoring and workshops free of charge if you can pay our travelling expenses.
Business start-up consultations
An initial phone-call or email is free of charge, but often you need to know more. So, we are pleased to offer one-to-one design, sourcing and range-building consultations to entrepreneurs at our usual hourly rate, in order to help you fully evaluate your business idea and take it onto the next stage of development. We can also help to amend entrepreneur projects that have gone wrong. Perhaps your prototypes aren't how you expected, something isn't quite right and you're not getting the results you want. If you are struggling to find a solution, we can troubleshoot your footwear project and help you to fix it.

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